Three Generations of 'Shaft': First Look At Jessie T. Usher, Samuel L. Jackson And Richard Roundtree In New Film

December 20 2018

Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the first look at the Shaft reboot starring Jessie T. Usher and judging by the photos, it looks to be a family affair!

Richard Roundtree starred as Detective John Shaft in the original 1971 film. Samuel L. Jackson, who portrays his nephew, John Shaft II, would go on to star in a sequel of the blaxploitation action film in 2000. Almost two decades later, Survivor's Remorse star Jessie T. Usher is breaking into the detective business as a Samuel L. Jackson's son, a cybersecurity expert working for the FBI who teams up with his estranged father and great uncle.

“He’s mellowed a bit,” Jackson told Entertainment Weekly of the changes in his famed character. “He’s not quite as crazy and cynical. Maybe a bit more devil-may-care the last time we saw him. But still an extremely dangerous and funny character.”

Along with Roundtree, Jackson and Usher, the film will also star Regina Hall, Alexandra Shipp, Avan Jogia, Method Man and Luna Lauren Velez. The film is directed by Tim Story. Shaft is set to be released in theaters on June 14, 2019.


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