Tiffany Pollard Teases Reality TV Comeback In 2022, Explains How She Manifested Her Very First Brand Deal
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Tiffany Pollard Teases Reality TV Comeback In 2022, Explains How She Manifested Her Very First Brand Deal

From the queen of reality television to the queen of the Internet, Tiffany Pollard continues to be a force to be reckoned with and now she has her sights set upon building a beauty empire!

The world first fell in love with Tiffany Pollard when she became the queen of reality TV for her performance in Flavor Of Love, where she fought for Flavor Flav’s heart as the legendary “New York.” Now, she remains a household name whether it’s on social media when she has a meme fit for every occasion, calling the shots on her own television show, or simply serving as inspiration for music videos. 

With the holiday shopping season among us, Pollard joined Shadow and Act to discuss her new HBIC nail line, who Tiffany truly is at the core, and what to expect as she continues to manifest the life of her dreams she is at the core.  what to expect as she continues to manifest the life of her dreams knocking down one goal at a time and more.

The real Tiffany

The world may remember her as New York from Flavor of Love or as one of many memes use across social media, but at her core, Pollard explains that she’s strong, passionate, and most importantly, loving.

“I’m more a lover than a fighter, but when I have to compete for a man, of course, you got all the fight,” she chuckled and explained how that same courage applies when it comes to building a beauty empire. “‘I definitely always want to give my supporters something new. I’m a Capricorn, so I’m a creature of habit, but at the same time, I have always wanted to enter the beauty space.”

Building a beauty empire

When you’re the talk of the town, it’s only right to give the people what they want!

“People are always like, ‘Tiff, why don’t you have a lash [line] out? Or why don’t you sell glosses,’” said the reality television icon as she discussed the vision behind her nail line.“ I wanted to do nail lacquers because it felt fresh so it feels really good. It’s a new space for me and I’m really loving the feedback.”

In her first brand deal, Pollard has partnered with Orca, a platform-agnostic retail space allowing influencers and celebrities to monetize their social media following, along with co-creator of the line, Max Benator to design a polish exclusively for boss women.

The polish

Specifically curated by Pollard, the line includes polishes that she shares are all HBIC approved. 

“All of the nail polishes are HBIC approved because it’s just [another] level of being a strong and independent woman,” she explained.

Colors include Currency, a rich green because real boss ladies are all about their coin; GoGo Juice, a red that represents the cranberry and vodka that gives that extra kick during the weekend; Boston Blue, a royal blue that can take you anywhere from the board room to the classroom; and lastly Zero Caution, a yellow that encourages consumers to speak their truth without caution.

Living the dream

Now that’s she manifested her very first brand deal, the sky is the limit for Pollard who wants to continue to grace the big screens with her charisma and charm.

“There’s more reality television coming out,” the 39-year-old actress revealed. “I’m executive producing and then there are some other things that I’ll be shooting [throughout the next year].”

In the end, Pollard wants to continue to leave her mark with one end goal in mind, to spread love and help others to find love.

“My end goal and my end game are to have my own love ministry,” she continued. “I feel like that is my true calling, my purpose if you will.”

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