Trailer: Animated Feature 'Silver Circle' (Rebels Strike Against Oppressive Federal Reserve)
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Trailer: Animated Feature 'Silver Circle' (Rebels Strike Against Oppressive Federal Reserve)


Topical, in light of recent economic shifts. But maybe also a foretelling of what the future of this country (the USA) might look like in the absence of public revolt/rebellion.

Essentially, a dystopian portrait of world in which an omnipotent government is the enemy that needs to be struck against.

Titled Silver Circle, the animated political thriller, set in a multicultural not too distant future, is directed by Pasha Roberts from a script penned by Steven Schwartz

“Silver Circle” focuses on a group of Underground Rebels led by the charismatic Zoe Taylor (played by Philana Mia). Under Zoe’s leadership, the Rebels outmaneuver the oppressive Federal Reserve while creating a guerilla currency based on silver. Following a HousStab (Dept. of Housing Stability) protest where one of the Rebels is killed, Zoe confronts a straight-laced federal agent: Jay Nelson (played by De’Lon Grant). While helplessly falling for the strident and beautiful rebel leader, he eventually begins to question his own allegiance to the Fed. Ultimately Jay must decide whether to remain loyal to the Fed or join forces with Zoe and the rebels to create a powerful strike against tyranny.

The voice cast includes Philiana Mia, De’Lon Grant, Peter Berkrot, Victor Shopov, Robert Dunn, Hyunsoo Moon, and Erin M. Olson.

In case you’re wondering why I’m mentioning this here, on a black cinema blog… not only does the subject matter resonate (in short, revolution against an oppressive powerful entity, in this case, government), but the male lead, Jay Nelson, voiced by De’Lon Grant, is a black man. 

The fact that he’s black could be of no consequence whatsoever to the story. I won’t know until I speak to the filmmaker, so I won’t speculate. But it’s an interesting premise and position for the character to be in – essentially whether to be a part of the *problem*, the machine, or fight against it. It’s almost like the House Negro versus the Field Negro struggle; or maybe the House Negro versus the Maroons. Not the best comparison, but you catch my drift, I’m sure.

Silver Circle open in LA this Friday, and will continue to travel to other cities after that, so *like* the project’s Facebook page if you’re intrigued, to stay updated.

Here’s the trailer for the film. I’m not sold on the animation (I suppose I’ve been spoiled by Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks et al), but I’m interested in the story, so I’ll give it a look if it comes my way.

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