Trailer, Clip, Poster & Pics For War Veteran Crime/Drama "Cost Of A Soul"
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Trailer, Clip, Poster & Pics For War Veteran Crime/Drama "Cost Of A Soul"

It’ll be out in theaters in a limited release this weekend, but I’m only just learning about it.

The film is titled Cost Of A Soul, and centers on wounded war veterans, Tommy Donahue and DD Davis, who return home from Iraq to the slum neighborhood in which they grew up; Tommy to his wife, whom he abandoned while she was pregnant to escape a life of crime, and his now 6-year-old daughter, who is disable, and whom he’s meeting for the first time.

DD. wanting to make an honest living, is challenged upon returning to an older brother who has risen to become the neighborhood kingpin, and a younger brother who is on a similar path, much to DD’s dismay, as he struggles to prevent the worst from occurring.

Of course, neither battle is easily won… and soon, each finds themselves and their families entangled in a web of crime, corruption and violence.

Directed by Sean Kirkpatrick, the film stars Chris Kerson and Will Blagrove as Tommy and DD respectively.

As already noted, the film will open in limited release this weekend, via AMC Independent for ONE WEEK ONLY. Visit the film’s website to find out if it’ll play in your neck of the woods (HERE).

Thus far, it’s been reviewed 3 times, according to, with 2 of 3 critics giving it a thumbs up.

The first from the Hollywood Reporter calls it: “An impressive debut for film school grad Sean Kirkpatrick is marred by an excessively high body count.

The second from the Philadelphia Inquirer calls it: “A haunting and remarkable feature debut.

And last, the negative review from Village Voice says it’s: “Exactly the type of inner-city crime drama that HBO’s The Wire so expertly exposed as facile fantasy.

Watch the trailer and a clip from the film below, and check out the poster underneath:

And here’s a clip: