Trailer For Mozambique-Set Crime Drama "The Last Flight Of The Flamingo"
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Trailer For Mozambique-Set Crime Drama "The Last Flight Of The Flamingo"

It’s played at several international film festivals, from Pusan in South Korea, to Festival Des Film Du Monde in Montreal, to Pan-African in Cannes, France, FESPACO in Burkina Faso, and a few others. And by all accounts, it’s been mostly well-received.

I learned that it opens theatrically in Spain today.

Titled The Last Flight Of The Flamingo, the film takes place in the village of Tizangara,in Mozambique, the southeastern African country, and centers on the deaths of 5 UN peacekeepers after years of civil war. After the explosions that kill them, and their bodies blown to pieces, all that is found are their helmets and their penises.

Stay with me now…

Massimo Risi, an Italian Lieutenant posted in Maputo, the country’s capital, is ordered to the village to investigate the deaths of these 5 soldiers, and with the help of Joaquim, a local translator, Massimo learns that not everything is at it seems.

Of course old boy Massimo has his way with the local women, as the trailer below suggests.

Portuguese filmmaker Joào Ribeiro directed the film, originally titled O Ultimo Voo Do Flamingo.

For those unaware, Mozambique was once a Portuguese colony, gaining its independence from Portugal in 1975.

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the film to play in the states, although a festival screening is very possible – especially the African Diaspora film festivals.

Watch the trailer below, which is subtitled in English:

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