Trailer for New Web Series 'The City Hates Us' Which Aims to be a Different Sort of Web Series
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Trailer for New Web Series 'The City Hates Us' Which Aims to be a Different Sort of Web Series

nullYes I know

what you’re thinking: “Oh great yet

another web series about aimless 20-somethings. What else is new?”

However, Chicago based creator/filmmaker Sanicole Young would take issue with that reaction, since her new web series, “The City Hates Us,” is intended to be a different sort

of web series.

First of all, there’s her goal for the series, which she says will “inspire young dreamers all over the world to push through adversity

toward limitless successes. While introducing this project, I’m even more proud

to be a Chicago filmmaker and extremely dedicated to push more positive content

that represents our city."

The 8

episode series, which Ms. Young co-wrote with Chicago filmmaker Deri Tyton, who

wrote and directed the recent indie feature film "Finding Forever In

Love," and shot mostly on the South Side of Chicago earlier this year, is “a  tribute to local artists in various fields who

struggle to develop support platforms in major cities. It’s a close look into

the lives of a writer, fashion designer, rapper, and graffiti artist striving

for success where it’s difficult for people to accept a fresh perspective."

But the

question remains: is this yet another web series about some aimless millennials trying

to find themselves? As I have mentioned before – where are the web series about older people? Those in their 40’s or 50’s? People who have been knocked around and beaten up

by life, but are still standing? They have complex lives and relationships too.

To that, Ms.

Young responded that, although, yes, her series does “cater to the younger generation (dealing with) friendship, courage,

heartache, addiction, acceptance, ambition, fear, and love, it’s never my

intention to exclude the older generation. It’s just a honest and accurate view

of my perspective, being a young 29 year old African American female filmmaker

with the challenges of having my work seen by a willing audience. This series

can and will inspire anyone whose diligently striding along the path to chasing

their dreams."

She also

adds that “it’s my hope that people are

enlightened to the reality of artist’s adversity in big cities. I also hope

they will relate and engage in these stories with the willingness to believe

that all dreams are attainable through hard work, commitment and love."

"The City Hates Us" premieres online on Monday

Nov. 24.

Here is an extended trailer for the series:

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