Trailer for 'No Homo' Explores Fashion Industry & Sexual Identity
Photo Credit: S & A

Trailer for 'No Homo' Explores Fashion Industry & Sexual Identity


Just received info on this film with the saliently controversial title written and directed by Baltimore native/NY-based filmmaker Goddey Asemota.  With the tagline ‘One shirt, One night, One decision’, Soul Purpose Media presents NO HOMO.

The synopsis reads:

Lance Dixon and Dame Garrison are aspiring fashion designers who sell custom shirts on the streets of SoHo. Because of their love for fashion the two are consistently questioned about their sexuality. As a gag they make a shirt with NO HOMO written on the front to address their sexuality questions, and sell them at their stand. What happens next is a chain of events that’s leads to the unlikely meteoric rise through the world fashion.

The film stars Lee Garret, John Cannon, Brandon London, Pooya Mohseni, Shashone Lambert, and Christopher Rustin.

Sounds interesting, though I suspect the filmmaker will have a wild ride on his hands given the title, but it’ll also receive a whole lot of attention as well.  Determine all that for yourself by checking out the trailer below. You can see more about the film and its screenings and discussions on their Facebook page  as well as through Asemota’s direct email

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