Trailer For The New  "The Thing"
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Trailer For The New "The Thing"

One of great horror films of the 1980’s (one of greatest of all time as far as I’m concerned) is John Carpenter’s The Thing, which was a remake of the earlier 1951 version. But Carpenter’s film is a truly frightening, suspenseful, claustrophobic movie, helped in large parts by some amazing and genuinely gross out make up special effects, all done practical on camera. None of that CGI crap. (And the one brother in the film, played by Keith David, is still alive by the end of the film)

Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) the film was a flop when it was released in 1982. Audiences wanted to be charmed by some friendly alien named E.T., which came out just two months earlier before The Thing. But the hardcore lovers of horror will agree that The Thing was just an awesome film, and it’s developed a massive hardcore cult following since its original release.

Which is why I say, with great sadness, I’m not at all looking forward to seeing this prequel to Carpenter’s film, which chronicles what happens before Carpenter’s film take place.

Looks pretty routine, with a bland, lame cast; and though it tries to copy the looks and tone of Carpenter’s film, especially in the photography and art design, it just ain’t the same.

But here’s the trailer in case you’re interested.

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