Trailer: Neneh Cherry in 'Stockholm My Love'
Photo Credit: Neneh Cherry in "Stockholm My Love"

Trailer: Neneh Cherry in 'Stockholm My Love'

"Stockholm My Love"
“Stockholm My Love”

Neneh Cherry makes her feature film acting debut in “Stockholm My Love” which she also provides the soundtrack for.

The film is directed by Irish filmmaker Mark Cousins, and was shot by acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle (who cinephiles will know most for the beautiful work he’s done on several Wong Kar-Wai films); so, at the very least, expect “Stockholm My Love” to look lovely.

Backed by the Swedish Film Institute, “Stockholm My Love” follows 47-year-old architect Alva Diop (played by Cherry), who is married with a 20-year-old daughter, and who loves architecture and the way buildings influence people’s lives. A year before the story begins, Diop killed a man in a traffic accident which wasn’t her fault, but she is still being held hostage by the occurrence, which is disrupting her daily life. Unable to sleep, she wakes up early in the mornings to go for long walks, wandering through the city that she truly loves, but missing the joy and peace that the experience would typically give her.

It reads like a filmed love letter of sorts to the city – Stockholm – one of those seemingly plot-less, quiet films that’s more about individual moments and experiences, however unrelated, with an entire city as a starring character. And with Christopher Doyle shooting, you’d expect stylized frames that take full advantage of locations.

Director Cousins penned the script with Swedish producer Anita Oxburgh, and Stockholm’s Migma Film is producer.

The film launched at the BFI London Film Festival last October, where it made its world premiere in the “Journey Strand” sidebar.

“We wanted to make a city symphony. Cities are noisy, messy, but teeming with life. Our story tries to capture this,” said director Cousins, who’s best known for the 15-part “The Story of Film: An Odyssey” documentary series 4 years ago. “Stockholm My Love” is his first feature-length fiction film.

The film has been picked up for a UK release, with the BFI (British Film Institute) setting a June 16 theatrical debut. The BFI has also premiered a trailer for “Stockholm My Love,” ahead of its summer run, which you can watch below.

First, here’s what the BFI has to say about the film: “Mark Cousins and Neneh Cherry team up for this superb film, which walks the line between documentary and fiction… Under the steely skies of Stockholm, Cherry’s Alva struggles with debilitating depression from a trauma a year earlier. Bunking off work, she takes us through the city, exploring buildings, bridges, and a cinema, each place revealing more about her state of mind. Touching on the immigrant experience, her relationship with her father, and Stockholm’s history, Alva’s story slowly works towards the tragedy, which is devastatingly revealed. Exquisitely photographed by Christopher Doyle (‘In the Mood for Love’), this is a visceral, music- and poetry-filled exploration of grief, but one that also examines the glorious moments when Alva emerges from that state.”

Watch the new trailer for the film below, courtesy of the BFI:

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