Trailer: Upcoming One of a Kind Short Film 'E.D.D.'
Photo Credit: S & A

Trailer: Upcoming One of a Kind Short Film 'E.D.D.'


Jonell Rowe calls his new short film a “psychological/dark

comedy/drama,” which may be a first for any film that I know of, or at least

for a short film.

The themes

of the film, which was produced by filmmaker Moses Ssebandeke ("The Third

Choice"), are, according to the filmmaker, “Zen

Buddhism, Hate and The Threat of Death… with the style of the film being a

surrealism mix between Fight Club and Black Swan."

And if that

isn’t deep enough for you, Rowe, who studied at the British performing art

school, The Brit School in Croydon, said

that he wanted to “explore the theme of

hate in a surrealistic setting, that would highlight the damage it could cause

to those around us, if the consequences for our own actions was beyond our

natural control."

The short

film follows the journey of a young woman who has been hospitalized after a

near death accident. During her stay at the hospital, she wakes up one night to

be confronted by a mysterious patient, claiming to know Rose and the reasons

for the accident happening in the first place.

What follows

is a mystery in which the woman tries to discover the answers to the mystery, but

instead finds herself “entering a world

where past events and hidden secrets are brought to light and the painful truth

behind them becomes a harsh reality."

Here’s the

trailer for E.D.D.

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