Trailer Watch: Brit Rising Star David Gyasi in BBC 2's Ambitious Drama Series "White Heat"
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Trailer Watch: Brit Rising Star David Gyasi in BBC 2's Ambitious Drama Series "White Heat"

nullBack in November of last year, Tambay posted THIS story on upcoming British rising star David Gyasi, who is starring in the upcoming BBC 2 ensemble TV Drama series White Heat. The new series, which is due out sometime soon this year, is said to be an updated version of an older BBC drama serial, Our Friends In The North.

White Heat, explores the lives of seven friends through four decades, from when they're college roommates in London's Tufnell Park in 1965 until the present day. Among the characters are: the rebel with a cause Jack (Sam Claflin), intelligent feminist Charlotte (Claire Foy), fragile beauty Lilly (MyAnna Buring), medical student Jay (Reece Ritchie), electronics enthusiast Alan (Lee Ingleby), big-hearted Orla (Jessica Gunning), law student Victor (David Gyasi).

The series follows them "over four decades as their lives, loves and destinies are shaped by the political events of each era – from the death of Churchill, the union strife of the Seventies, the ascendancy of Thatcher, the Falklands, Aids, the end of the Cold War to the present day. Their interwoven personal lives played against the backcloth of these crucial events converge to make them the people they are today."

Very interesting and ambitious project, especially as the characters age and the make-up work that entails.

Here's a recap on Gyasi's previous work from Tambay's post:

31-year old David Gyasi: a star of both stage and screen, he starred in the National Theatre production of War Horse, and also roles in the upcoming Tuskegee Airmen actioner Red Tails, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, and will play a character named Autua,  opposite Tom Hanks and Jim Sturgess, he highly-anticipated Wachowski/Tykwer adaptation of David Mitchell's 2004 Booker Prize winning novel of the same name (the character Autua is the last of the Moriori tribesmen – the indigenous people of the Chatham Islands, a New Zealand territory who lived by a code of non-violence and passive resistance, which led to their near-extinction at the hands of Taranaki Māori invaders in the 1830s.

Take a look at the trailer. Any overseas readers looking forward to it?