Trailer Watch For "Because I Love You" (And A Disclaimer...)
Photo Credit: S & A

Trailer Watch For "Because I Love You" (And A Disclaimer...)

nullSo, with S & A being the premier website for all things black cinema, we get contacted all the time by filmmakers who want us to post something about their films on the site. Most of the time we do, though occasionally, something comes along that gives us second thoughts.

All this is a way of saying that, when we were contacted in regards to this new thriller (currently in post-production), titled, Because I Love You, I admit I was rather leery, as you can see below from the description of the film and the trailer.

But then again, I felt that if I didn't post anything, that would in fact be censorship, which I totally abhor; and secondly, since we are the premier website for all things black cinema as I said, its our sworn duty to.

So here's is the trailer for Because I Love You; and whatever comments you have I leave it to you.

As for what the film is about, it tell the story of "Cream, an exotic dancer and devoted mother of a beautiful, little girl named Cookie and who is in the midst of a custody battle with her ex-husband Gregory, who wants her to stop dancing or give up her daughter. On the very night that Cream has decided to quit dancing, the strip club is robbed by a group of wild animals and she is taken captive and moved to an unknown location where she is beaten and raped repeatedly. They plan to use her and then kill her before they move on to the next city and the next job. The only thing keeping her alive is the care of one of the kidnappers who refuses to let her die and forces her to remember thast her daughter needs her."  

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