Trailer Watch - John Singleton's "Abduction"
Photo Credit: S & A

Trailer Watch - John Singleton's "Abduction"

Below is the trailer for John Singleton’s new Bourne Indentity for high schoolers movie Abduction , which opens Sept. 23rd , with that guy who walks around bare chested in those Twilight movies.

O.K. I understand; it’s tough out there in the film business and Singleton hasn’t made a film in quite a few years and, unfortunately, has had several projects in development fall through. A guy’s gotta eat, and besides he’s got six kids by five different women to supoort (No joke – he talks about his kids in an article about him in the latest issue of Uptown magazine).

And I’m sure that Singleton will do the PR rounds, like he does in that Uptown piece, praising the film, and talking about how great it’s going to be. But seriously do you think Singleton really wanted to make a film with that shirtless guy from those Twilight movies, especially with those totally unconvincing CGI shots of the guy jumping and running around as if he’s Matt Damon?

You think he could actually do any stunts? He probably finds it difficult to walk and chew gum at the same time. Like I said things are tough out there in the film business.

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