Trolls, Stay Pressed! 'Captain Marvel' Skyrockets To Stellar Box Office Debut
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Trolls, Stay Pressed! 'Captain Marvel' Skyrockets To Stellar Box Office Debut

It looks like the mad fanboys who wanted to stop Captain Marvel from flourishing won’t succeed. According to Variety, the latest MCU film has become one of Marvel’s highest-grossing films ever.

The outlet states that the film is on target for grossing between $145 million to $155 million at the weekend domestic box office. In other words, Captain Marvel is the biggest premiere so far in 2019. In terms of where it ranks on Marvel’s scale of successful films, Captain Marvel will be the seventh best domestic premiere, falling behind Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers films, Iron Man 3 and, of course, Black Panther.

The film stars Brie Larson as the titular character, a former Air Force pilot who becomes a part of an elite corp of Kree fighters. Lashana Lynch stars as Maria Rambeau, Captain Marvel’s friend and mother of Monica Rambeau, who grows up to take on the Captain Marvel mantle herself before becoming the superhero Photon. Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role as Nick Fury.


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