TV Documentary About Dr. Ben Carson to Air Nationwide This Weekend
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TV Documentary About Dr. Ben Carson to Air Nationwide This Weekend

nullO.K. let’s see

if I can do this without one smart ass remark. It’ll be hard but I think I can

do it

An independently

produced TV documentary about surgeon and cooperative hero Dr. Ben Carson is set

to air this weekend in nationwide on local stations and network affiliates across

the country this weekend.

The news

about the broadcast of the documentary, which is called “Ben Carson: A Breath of Fresh Air; A New Prescription for America”, was

first reported by black conservative activist and columnist Armstrong Williams

in his column in The Washington Times.

By a strange

coincidence the show is produced by conservative production company which happens

to be owned by Williams and which is also paying for for the airtime. Funny how that works out

The show

will focus on Carson’s life as well as his political philosophy which people

for the longest had no idea what it was before he started opening his mouth and

people came to the realization that he is as nutty as a fruitcake with statements such as Obamacare “is worse

than slavery”.

Does this documentary

signal a hint that Carson is planning to declare a 2016 Presidential run has he

has hinted before in the past? Actually I hope he does if only to prove the lie

that black people are willing to vote for any candidate because they’re black.

See I was right.

I couldn’t do it

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