Tyreese Is Coming To AMC's 'The Walking Dead' To Be Played By Chad Coleman ('The Wire')!
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Tyreese Is Coming To AMC's 'The Walking Dead' To Be Played By Chad Coleman ('The Wire')!


Alright now…! This is a character that many of you who are fans of the original comic book series have been asking to see added to the TV show's cast of characters.

It looks like you've been heard loud and clear.

Hot off the presses… The Wire alum Chad Coleman has been tapped to play the key role of Tyreese in AMC's hit zombie series The Walking Dead.

One of the comic book's prominent survivors, Tyreese's entrance is rumored to happen in this season’s eighth episode, says TVLine.

Just in time as Rick preps for a showdown with the Governor.

I'm not a Walking Dead comics expert, but from what I do know about Tyreese, this is a really good casting choice. Coleman is a stud, with the right kind of on screen presence, and air about himself, that I think suits the character (Tyreese), as I know him to be. Those of you who ARE experts can chime in with your thoughts on this.

Of course, it still remains to be seen exactly how the show's producers will use him, and whether the sexual relationship between Tyrese and Michonne makes it into the TV series. 

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