Tyrese Still Adamant About Playing Luke Cage. Who Should Play The Character?
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Tyrese Still Adamant About Playing Luke Cage. Who Should Play The Character?

Lookout Isaiah Mustafa, Idris Elba, Jamie Foxx and who else has been in contention for the part… Tyrese Gibson wants to make sure we don’t forget that HE still wants to play Luke Cage, whenever Marvel Studios decides to make the project a priority, telling The Rogue Network:

Yeah man. I’ve been interested in that project and have been keeping my eyes on it for years… Marvel just has to make Luke Cage a priority. Marvel has to make this movie a priority man. Everybody wants to see Luke Cage. The fans have been talking about it forever. They have to do it for the fans… I see what they are doing with Green Lantern and all these other films, that’s great but they need to step it up on Luke Cage. It’s time to get this thing going and I’m ready. I got my headband ready, my muscles are ready, and I’m ready for Luke Cage. Marvel has to get ready. Marvel has to step it up and get this movie written and done so that we can go into production on it. The time is now.

I couldn’t agree with him more… about Marvel needing to make Luke Cage a priority and get the damn thing into production, after years yacking about doing it. However, I’m not so sure I agree that Tyrese is THE guy for the part; do you?

Tyrese also reiterated his hopes that John Singleton, who’s long been attached to direct a Luke Cage movie, will still be interested in the project, especially if Tyrese is cast in the lead role.

And as for what he likes about the character, Gibson stated, “I just relate to his strength as a leading man with the history that he has. I like his story, the layers. It’s his character. It’s not just blowing up shit and fighting people, you know? I can relate to that guy a lot.“

So who should play Luke Cage?