Universal Reportedly to Take Another Crack at a 'Miami Vice' Feature
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Universal Reportedly to Take Another Crack at a 'Miami Vice' Feature

nullThe only thing

I remember about Michael Mann’s 2006 feature film version of his popular 80’s

NBC police drama, "Miami Vice," was how crummy the digital photography was. It was like watching it through a smeared, dirty windshield, making most

of the action sequences (well actually the ONLY action sequence in the entire

film) a muddled blur.

The film’s

budget ballooned out of control, to a reported $150 million, and it was neither

a critical nor commercial hit. But

Universal Pictures apparently still believes that there’s some potential there, and, as a result, it’s being reported that the studio is currently developing a

new "Miami Vice" film, and has the project out now to several screenwriters, for a presumably more reasonably budgeted film.

No word if

there are plans for Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx to reprise their roles as Crockett

and Tubbs (or Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas for that matter).

Also, considering

that the project is out to screenwriters, it’s likely that Mann will not be

involved in the writing, or directing this new "Vice" film, except possibly as one

of its executive producers.

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