For Some Reason, Urban Outfitters Is Selling $40 Mystery VHS Boxes — Here Are The Black Classics We'd Want In Ours
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For Some Reason, Urban Outfitters Is Selling $40 Mystery VHS Boxes — Here Are The Black Classics We'd Want In Ours

Pop culture's love for anything '90s might have reached its zenith now that Urban Outfitters has announced it is selling mystery boxes of 5 VHS tapes for $40.

According to /Film, each set will feature five comedy films from the '90s on VHS, curated by Studiohouse Designs for Urban Outfitters. In the pictures showcased by /Film, films like Heathers, Office Space and A Night at the Roxbury are featured. But what about the Black Hollywood classics?

Although we are all side-eyeing Urban Outfitters, we thought we'd have some fun with this! Here are eight '90s classics that I'd love to get on VHS so I can relive my childhood.

1. A Goofy Movie

Disney/Buena Vista Pictures Disney/Buena Vista Pictures

Disney didn't know this at the time, but somehow, it created a film that spoke directly to the culture. As Black Nerd Problems' Jordan Calhoun wrote, the global entertainment company ended up making "the Blackest, most underrated nerd classic of all time." And with Tevin Campbell as Powerline, how could it not speak to young Black kids?

2. Boomerang

Paramount Pictures Paramount Pictures

The new BET series might be continuing the story, but it's best to go back to what started it all. Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry and Robin Givens star in this seminal early '90s rom-com classic. Let's not forget that they are flanked by a star-studded cast including Martin Lawrence, David Alan Grier, Grace Jones, Chris Rock, John Witherspoon, Lela Rochon, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Geoffrey Holder and Eartha Kitt.

3. Boyz n the Hood

Columbia Pictures Columbia Pictures

Of course, this isn't a comedy, so this film might not ever end up in the Urban Outfitters' mystery boxes. But if they ever make a drama mystery box, they should consider Boyz n the Hood, John Singleton's film about life in the Los Angeles neighborhood of CrenshawCuba Gooding Jr. might have gotten his Oscar for Jerry Maguire (a win I'm still baffled by), but Boyz n the Hood still ranks as Gooding's best movie. The film, also starring Angela Bassett, Regina King, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Laurence Fishburne and Ice Cube, remains one of those films that will go down as a lightning rod in culture.

4. Cinderella

Disney/ABC Disney/ABC

This is one film that's hard to find on DVD, much less VHS. If you didn't tape it yourself when it aired on The Wonderful World of Disney in 1997, you would have a tough time trying to acquire this gem. But if you grew up loving Brandy as Cinderella (and crushing on Paolo Montalban as one of the finest Prince Charmings to ever grace the TV screen), you gotta get Cinderella if you happen to find it at Urban Outfitters. Aside from being one of Brandy's most iconic film roles, it's also a fantastic time capsule of Whitney Houston's stellar acting and singing talent.

5. Waiting to Exhale

20th Century Fox 20th Century Fox

Another '90s classic and a time capsule of Houston's talent, Forest Whitaker's Waiting to Exhale gives us everything we need from a female empowerment-themed rom-com. The film about friends working through life and love issues also stars Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, Lela Rochon, Leon, Dennis Haysbert, Mykelti Williamson, Gregory Hines, Michael Beach, Donald Faison and Wendell Pierce. It's a masterpiece of its time that still holds up today. Again, this film isn't necessarily a comedy, but this is why Urban Outfitters needs to invest in other mystery box genres, like rom-com films.

6. Good Burger

Nickelodeon/Paramount Pictures Nickelodeon/Paramount Pictures

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell take their All That fame to the highest heights in Good Burger. The film also has stars for the adults like Sinbad and Funkadelic's George Clinton. You know you rented this all the time from Blockbuster when you were a kid; you might as well cop it if Urban Outfitters' has got it.

7. Bad Boys

Columbia Pictures Columbia Pictures

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are coming back to continue the Bad Boys franchise, but you might as well start from the beginning with the original. The two are fighting crime and making laughs, adding new fuel to the buddy-cop action-comedy.

8. Rush Hour

New Line Cinema New Line Cinema

Continuing with the buddy-cop trend, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan make magic in Rush Hour. Probably one of the only good films Brett Ratner has made, Tucker and Chan are an unlikely duo that became box office gold. If you're one of the Day Ones who will go see the franchise's fourth installment when it comes to theaters, you might want to get a VHS copy of the original for posterity.

What film(s) would you get on VHS?

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