Viggo Mortensen Says 'Green Book' Criticism Is 'Destructive' And 'A Load Of Bulls**t'
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Viggo Mortensen Says 'Green Book' Criticism Is 'Destructive' And 'A Load Of Bulls**t'

Back when Green Book debuted in 2018, critics, including Shadow And Act, and viewers alike derided it for its stereotyping and whitewashing. Now, Viggo Mortensen, who starred in the film, is calling “bulls—” on the criticism in a new interview with The Independent.

“It’s become a cliche to say, ‘Is this movie going to be the Green Book of this year?’ Green Book has become a pejorative,” he said. “Much of the criticism that was leveled at that movie was not only unreasonable, but it was inaccurate, mendacious and irresponsible.”

Mortensen also called the criticism “hurtful and destructive.”

“It is based on a load of bulls— and an axe to grind and little else,” he continued. “Does it affect what I’m doing or how people perceive me as an actor? Maybe it does. But I can’t really do anything about that.”

Mortensen’s frustration Green Book‘s criticism doesn’t come from just critics, but also from Dr. Shirley’s family themselves. After the film was released, the family spoke exclusively to Shadow And Act for the exposé “How ‘Green Book’ and the Hollywood Machine Swallowed Donald Shirley Whole.” They said that the film doesn’t represent the man they personally knew and that it was a “symphony of lies.”

After learning of their feelings, Mortensen said at a Palm Springs Festival Awards gala that he felt the criticism was “unjust and unfair.”



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