Wait, Was This 'Watchmen' Character Inspired By Donald Trump's Father?
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Wait, Was This 'Watchmen' Character Inspired By Donald Trump's Father?

Donald Trump's father, Fred Trump (who is reported to have had connections to the KKK), may have been the real-life inspiration for a character on HBO's Watchmen.

In "The Extraordinary Being," the sixth episode of Watchmen, Angela Abar comes across a character by the name of Fred when she experiences her grandfather Will's memories during his time as a police officer.

As reported by Vox, it is heavily hinted that Fred may be inspired by Fred Trump. Fred is depicted as an anti-Semite who sets fire to a Jewish deli in Queens. He is also suspected of fraternizing with police officers who are presumed members of a racist crime group in the show known as Cyclops. The group evolves into the Seventh Kalvary.

At the end of the episode, two Cyclops members are seen driving away in a car with the slogan "F.T. & Sons," possibly for Fred Trump and Sons. In the end, Will kills Fred. 

Many on Twitter speculated that Fred may have been Donald Trump's father following the premiere of the episode.

You can watch the full season of Watchmen on HBO Go.



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