'Waiting To Exhale' Continuity Error Goes Viral On TikTok, Fans Shocked They Didn't Notice Before
Photo Credit: TikTok

'Waiting To Exhale' Continuity Error Goes Viral On TikTok, Fans Shocked They Didn't Notice Before

A major Waiting to Exhale continuity error was discovered on TikTok and has some fans who never noticed it in shambles.

TikTok creator I Am Kristin talked about the scene in which Gloria (Loretta Devine) is talking with David (Giancarlo Esposito). In this scene, Gloria’s earrings appear, disappear and reappear.

Several fans were shocked that they hadn't realized this mistake, even after watching the film several times.

“I’ve watched this movie so so so many times and never noticed! I can’t believe it…I may be blind,” wrote one commenter. TikTok creator and comedian Jazmyn W. wrote, “I’ve seen this movie 1,569 times, never noticed.”


Another commenter added, "I've never caught this and I've watched this movie over 1000 times cause I love Whitney Houston."

The fans’ love for the film could be rewarded in the future, since Devine has hinted at a Waiting to Exhale sequel that could be coming soon.

“I know that [Waiting to Exhale author Terry McMillan] and I think Lee Daniels are working on something because she’s been trying to get Waiting to Exhale for so many years and because it changed so much for everybody, not just Black women," Devine said in 2020 on 'Tamron Hall.'

She continued, “So many shows came out of that with the same girlfriend format that they used. I think they’re doing something about the kids of the women and I think that’s going to coming out.”

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