'Walking Dead' - Key Deaths Coming Soon, Michonne & Tyreese Romance, Morgan's Return
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'Walking Dead' - Key Deaths Coming Soon, Michonne & Tyreese Romance, Morgan's Return


In a THR exclusive, key cast an crew of AMC’s hit zombie drama series, The Walking Dead, dish on the remaining 5 episodes of the current season – yup, that’s right, 5 episodes left, and the long wait until the next season begins – also known as Walking Dead Withdrawal.

In the conversation, they touch on what fans can expect to see in the last 5 episodes, in terms of individual characters and the overall story.

But, I’ll highlight just 3 of the items discussed, which I think you’ll be most interested in.

First, they say that the body count is expected to rise in the remaining episodes AND, maybe most significantly,

the characters that are killed off will be “people that you’ve come to know and love.” Well, that obviously could be almost anyone. But of most interest to us here at S&A is Michonne. I’d throw Tyreese in there too, but he’s still quite new, and we’ve barely got to see him do very much, so I don’t think we’ll put him in the “people that you’ve come to know and love.” Also, his story is just starting, so you’d think (THINK) that, if anyone was going to be killed off, he wouldn’t be on the short list. But ya never know with this series, do ya?

However, I can only imagine the outcry that would follow if Tyreese is killed off this early, especially when compared to how much of a story he has in the original graphic novel.

I also wouldn’t expect Michonne to be killed off either. But, again, ya never know.

The cast and crew wouldn’t really hint at who might get the old zombie bite, so right now, all we have is that the body count will rise and people you’ve come to know and love will die in the next 5 episodes! It’s also interesting that it’s in the plural, so not just one person here. A few folks might be dying before the season is over. Any guesses?

As for point number 2, one of the reasons I initially thought Michonne and Tyreese likely won’t be killed off by the end of the season is that, in the graphic novel, they hook up! And that obviously hasn’t yet happened on the TV series; I don’t even believe that they’ve met yet on the TV series, have they?

However, it doesn’t look like there’ll be any romance between the two of them because THR asked that question, and here was the reply:

‘With the former now setting up shop in Woodbury and the latter fighting alongside Rick against the Governor, Danai Gurira hinted that the series would likely go a different route than the prison romance depicted in the comics. “The thing that’s really exciting is how there’s so much to discover and unravel with these characters and do it in a whole new fresh way,” she says, noting Michonne has a “good shot” at surviving the season. “We’re not going to do it the same way and you wouldn’t want us to do it the same way that things happen in the comic book. It’s a long game and it’s fun to see how it all comes together.”

Does she have a point there? Would you rather see that the TV series tell the story in the exact same way that it all moves in the comic book, or do you like that the producers and writers are deviating from the written/illustrated word?

Regardless, it looks like there likely won’t be a romance between Michonne and Tyreese. Certainly not this season.

Let’s just hope that they both survive the next 5 episodes, and return next season.

Point number 3, and the final point, with all the previous speculation that Morgan Jones (remember him from the pilot episode in 2010, played by Lennie James) will be returning to the series, during the latter half of this season, with 5 episodes left, is that still a possibility?

Creator Robert Kirkman jokingly states that he’d love to have Morgan back, but he hadn’t heard anything. However, THR goes on to say it’s highly likely that Morgan/Lennie will be back before the end of this season:

‘We’d bet our katana sword on his return, especially when you check out this teaser at the 22-second mark.’

The teaser is embedded below, and at the 22-second mark you’ll find a masked gunman on a roof, but we don’t know who that is exactly.

Let’s just say that it’s Morgan and he’ll be back during the next Sunday’s episode! So if Morgan is returning, does that mean one of the other black characters has to die? You know how it goes on this show – there can’t be more than 2 key black characters on the series at the same time.

I’m joking, but not really…

For the full THR interview, click HERE.

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