Watch 1971 PBS One-Man Special 'Bill Cosby on Prejudice'
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Watch 1971 PBS One-Man Special 'Bill Cosby on Prejudice'

nullThe popularity of my recent post on Bill Cosby’s 1968 CBS special "Black History: Lost,  Stolen or Strayed" (here), reminded me of this rather bizarre, one-off 1971 TV special.

Made for KCET (back then the PBS station in Los Angeles) Cosby, in white make-up and green eye shadow, improvises for almost 30 minutes, playing the ultimate “super bigot,” riffing on racism, and basically spouting every racial and ethnic insult in the book, in a special that was meant to explain the stupidity of prejudice, in a manner that’s easy enough for everyone to understand. 

I remember seeing this many many years ago, but leaving after the first ten minutes or so. I kinda got the the point after the first few minutes, but maybe you’ll last longer than I did. 

Watch it in full below:

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