Watch 30-Minute Fan-Made 'Static Shock Phenomenon' - Based On Dwayne McDuffie's Comic
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Watch 30-Minute Fan-Made 'Static Shock Phenomenon' - Based On Dwayne McDuffie's Comic


While you’re waiting for that live action Static Shock big screen feature film…

I posted a trailer to this new web series in January. And now the completed 30-minute film (or episode 1) is online, which you can watch in full below.

Here’s the synopsis: 

After a night out with less than model citizens, Virgil Hawkins wakes up in his bed confused. He soon finds something new about himself, something extraordinary. Richie his best friend gets an urgent call from Virgil to meet him at the old warehouse. Upon Richie’s arrival Virgil tells him about the night before and that he has something interesting to show him. Virgil displays his new found abilities after which the two go to talk about the possibilities of Dakota being threatened by others who may show up with powers as well, but use them to harm others. Richie suggests that Virgil steps up and become a hero while he helps out from the side lines. Later we see Virgil thinking unsure of what he should do, but after seeing his mothers picture he understands that indeed he must protect others from the same fate. Richie’s calls tells Virgil to meet him downtown he has a plan for Virgil’s first “Heroic Act” as he calls it. You must watch to find out how it all goes down….

The non-profit fan film is embedded below. I haven’t had the time to watch it yet (it’s 30-minutes long), so I can’t tell you if it’s actually any good.

But a few of you thought the trailer we posted in January showed promise, so maybe a few of you will like it as well:

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