Watch Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa In New "Gang Of Roses" Clip + Director Says You All Are "Nothing But Haters"
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Watch Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa In New "Gang Of Roses" Clip + Director Says You All Are "Nothing But Haters"



You can have Red Tails; here's another clip from what will no doubt be the one black film of the year that must be seen by everyone.

I'm talking, of course, about Gang of Roses 2, which is heading straight-to-DVD (you think they would actually release this in theaters?) on Feb 14.

This time we have the multi-talented and Nobel Prize winner for economics Amber Rose with Wiz Khalifa, who, from what I understand (according the black gossip websites), is some sort of rapper who smokes a lot of reefer, and is Rose's current boyfriend in her latest desperate attempt to stay relevant.

Prepare yourself for some truly electrifying cinema.

And underneath that you'll find a video with the film's director, Jean Claude LaMarre, defending his film and calling out all those losers who have nothing better to do but to waste their time saying terrible things about his film.

We're all haters, just jealous about the fact the he's been very successful and lives in a $2.5 million Beverly Hills condo (which I'm sure is in foreclosure)

And he goes on to say that he made the film for and respects black women, before telling us his side of the story about a physical fight that he got into with one of the female cast members during shooting. I found out that the actress is currently suing LaMarre for punching her in the face.

You know, why do I even bother to write anything for this site? Sometimes the stuff just writes itself.

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