Watch Award-Winning, Brooding Short Film 'The Bluest Note'
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Watch Award-Winning, Brooding Short Film 'The Bluest Note'

nullCheck out the below short film, titled "The Bluest Note" – a film we posted the trailer for in mid-2012, as it began its film festival travels. As I recall, your reactions to the trailer were quite positive. 

Almost 2 years later, the filmmaker has released the full 15-minute short film on the web, which I’ve embedded for you to watch below.

Directed by Marques Green, from a script penned by Oliver Webb, the brooding, atmospheric short film stars Len Xiang, Stacey Lewis, Jaynelle Clarke, and Rob Morgan, with a synopsis that reads: Before losing his singing voice, Tony Mann was a well-respected musical artist whose raison d’etre was his music. After spending months undergoing an extensive battery of medical tests and appointments, he doesn’t have a probable diagnosis. Tony is hopeful for a change in his condition, as he wants to return to the spotlight, but his yearlong absence has defiantly diminished his prospects, and he’s silently slipping into depression. Finding solace at a local nightclub, he drinks himself into an alcohol-fueled fantasy, when he envisions a beautiful apparition, a mythical Siren named Niva.

The mournful tale it tells is supported by the acting from its cast, and high production values, including some evocative cinematography, and it places both filmmaker and writer squarely in our sights as talents to watch for.

The film made its debut on the film festival circuit during the summer of 2012 summer, and continued to travel through last year.

Watch it in full below:

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