Watch: Bill Cosby's Random Video Diaries...
Photo Credit: S & A

Watch: Bill Cosby's Random Video Diaries...


So… in case you didn't know, his emminence Bill Cosby has a video-blog; and, in the last week, for reasons I haven't quite figured out yet, he's been quite active on it, posting what seem like random short videoblogs featuring himself.

My guess is that this is all marketing for the various upcoming projects he has – from live appearances, to books, to maybe new comedy discs, or re-releasing of old ones… or maybe nothing. Maybe he's just bored and this is something for him to do – embrace this relatively new technology we call the web, and stay connected to his gazillion fans all over the world.


Here are a few of his latest videoblogs, all posted in the last week; see if you can determine a common thread, or overall point to it all (you can also subscribe to his YouTube channel HERE):