Watch Chi McBride Shape & Mold The New Guy In Upcoming CBS Cop Drama 'Golden Boy'
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Watch Chi McBride Shape & Mold The New Guy In Upcoming CBS Cop Drama 'Golden Boy'


Here's your very first look at Chi McBride in the upcoming new CBS ensemble drama, Golden Boy, which follows one young cop's meteoric rise from officer, to detective, to police commissioner.

McBride plays a Detective named Don Owen, described as gruff; Don Owen gets a new partner in a young, ambitious cop who rises rapidly through the ranks after breaking up a major drug ring and becoming a local hero. 

Young British actor Theo James, plays the young, ambitious cop, in what is his first American TV role.

And star of stage, screen, and music, Valarie Pettiford will be appearing in a recurring role on the new drama series, playing McBride's wife.

CBS has released an extended preview of the series which debuts February 26, at the 10 PM slot during its first two weeks on the aire, and will then be moved to Fridays, at 9 PM, which will be its permanent time slot. 

That doesn't bode well for the show, does it? Friday nights are were new shows are sent to die quick deaths.

We'll see; the preview below looks like it could be a strong series.

Watch (McBride doesn't come really in until about the 1:50 mark, and he's there, prominently featured, for the remaining 3 minutes. Pettiford, on the other hand, isn't seen – unless I just missed her).

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