Watch Episode 2 Of 'Uongozi' (New Kenyan Series Seeking To Identify Potential Young Political Leaders)
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Watch Episode 2 Of 'Uongozi' (New Kenyan Series Seeking To Identify Potential Young Political Leaders)



Uongozi is a new Kenyan political reality show that seeks to create a virtual national Kenyan election and campaign process on prime time television.

At the heart of the show is the desire to identify potential new young political leaders.

From all the entries received from young Kenyans hoping to be participants in the reality show, 48 will be selected to face a variety of weekly challenges to test their leadership qualities and skills.

Candidates will be subjected to opinion polls and elimination votes via voting by the viewing public, and eventually, the 48 will be voted down to 3 candidates, who will compete in a live broadcast finale involving a live Presidential-type debate, followed by public voting, and then an announcement of the winner, who will receive funding for a social project, a scholarship for an internationally recognized leadership course, and/or the opportunity to meet prominent African/International leaders.

Definitely an idea that intrigues, and is of interest to me, and I'm sure (at least I hope) to some of you as well. I'd actually like to see a similar kind of reality TV show on a major TV network here in the USA. And no, The Apprentice doesn't count.

Uongozi is made possible by the support of USAIDUKAID, the Swiss Embacy in Kenya, and several other partners.

Watch the second episode of the Uongozi, which recently aired on NTV Kenya; as in episode 1, which I posted yesterday, focus in this episode is on the continuation of early round auditions that took place around several counties, as well as the announcement of what candidates will move on to the next phase on the contest; it's embedded below in 2 parts (it's not all in English, but the vast majority is).

Here's Part 1:

And here's Part 2:

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