Watch Feature Abstractumentary, "Natasha – Portrait of an Urban Poet"
Photo Credit: S & A

Watch Feature Abstractumentary, "Natasha – Portrait of an Urban Poet"

nullHarold Smith is a self-described "urban expressionist painter," socially conscious and jazz-influenced.

This is his first feature film, titled Natasha – Portrait of an Urban Poet, what he calls an "abstractumentary" – abstract-documentary style, juxtaposing intimate interviews, dramatic performances, and archival footage. He chose Natasha (full name Natasha Ria Rl-Scari) as a subject because, as he states, "I believe the work of Natasha Ria El – Scari is critical to recognizing and understanding the dialogue and deceptions of a supposedly post-racial America. I see Natasha as a fear less poet whose work is painterly in its presentation… delivering the call-and-response fervor and social tradition of the Black Arts movement. She is a voice of 21st century urban consciousness."

Natasha Ria El -Scari is a black feminist writer, Cave Canem fellow, and educator. Her poetry, academic papers, and personal essays have been published in anthologies and literary journals. She has opened for and introduced many great writers and activists, and has been featured at a host of universities and venues nationwide.

Harold's abstractumentary has screened publicly late last year at the Maysles Theater in NYC, and the Roxie Theatre in San Francisco.

Harold has uploaded the entire 90-minute film to YouTube, and it's embedded below for you to watch: