Watch First Episode of ABC's New Series 'Black-ish' Now
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Watch First Episode of ABC's New Series 'Black-ish' Now


It doesn’t officially premiere on the network until Wednesday, September 24, at 9:30pm, but I just discovered (really by chance) that the first episode of ABC’s new Kenya Barris half-hour scripted comedy, titled "Black-ish," is actually available for FREE on iTunes.

That’s right, for FREE. I went to ABC’s website to see if they uploaded it there, so that I could embed it here, but no luck there; so iTunes it is. Did I mention it’s available there for FREE?

Starring Anthony Anderson, and produced by Laurence Fishburne’s Cinema Gypsy production company, the series is based on Barris’ own life (loosely), and follows an upper-middle class black man, intent on raising his kids with some sense of cultural identity, in the face of an assault of constant contradictions and obstacles coming from various directions, insisting that his children be color-blind. 

“I decided to do this project when I looked up and realized that everywhere I go I’m constantly the fly in buttermilk… I’m usually THE Black guy at work. We’re THE Black family in the neighborhood. My kids are basically THE Black kids at school. I think it’s kind of a situation of be careful what you wish for. It’s almost in like moving on up, I’ve sort of priced myself “out” of being Black,” said Barris.

Anderson plays the lead, with Tracee Ellis Ross as his wife, and Fishburne as his father.

"Black-ish" is produced by Fishburne and his producing partner Helen Sugland, with Tom Russo, Anderson and Barris exec producing, along with Peter Principato, Paul Young and Brian Dobbins. 

Barris’ writing credits also include "Are We There Yet?," "Soul Food, Girlfriends," "The Game," and he’s also co-creator of "America’s Next Top Model."

I watched the first episode while *walking up hill* on the treadmill at the gym this morning, after I downloaded it to my iPad. All I can say at this point is that I wasn’t swayed strongly one way or the other. So I guess I’m in that uncertain middle. I need to see more – after all, it’s just one episode. Maybe it’ll get better (for me anyway); or maybe it won’t (for me, again). But, if there’s a compliment somewhere in here, it would be to say that I wasn’t turned off by what I saw (but I wasn’t wowed either); However, I’ll be back for the second episode (and likely the 3rd) before deciding if it’s something for me. I like to give new series at least 3 episodes before deciding on whether to continue with them, or split.

If you’ve seen the pilot, what did you think? If you haven’t, now you know where/how you can watch it – just like I did, this morning. 

So head on over to iTunes, and download the first episode, for free. And then, after you watch it, let me know what you thought of it. 

Here’s the trailer for the series to whet your appetite:

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