Watch First Official Full Trailer For Daniel Nearing’s Upcoming Period Drama 'Hogtown’
Photo Credit: S & A

Watch First Official Full Trailer For Daniel Nearing’s Upcoming Period Drama 'Hogtown’


Once again, before 2013 officially comes to a close, I want to bring to your attention the very interesting upcoming indie period drama Hogtown.

Vanessa and I have a few times before written about

Chicago-based writer and director Daniel

Nearing’s ambitious new film project Hogtown, with images from the film and a teaser trailer. Now the first full length

trailer from the film was released yesterday.

Nearing, who made the previously critically-acclaimed

2009 indie drama Chicago Heights,

shot Hogtown in black and white with Herman

Wilkins and Diandra Lyle playing

the leads in a multi-racial cast of more than 70.

The film could be described as an experimental period drama, set during

the notorious 1919 Chicago race riots, and anyone familiar with the city knows that it has a long, bloody and painful history of ugly racial tensions.

Nearing has said about his film’s plot that it “relates

to the investigation into the disappearance of a multi-millionaire theatre

owner during a snowstorm. While it is on the one hand a murder mystery and a

love story, it is intended as a celebration of the city while exploring the

isolation and emotions of many of its inhabitants.

The film even incorporates several famous, or soon to be

famous real people, including a 19 year-old, unpublished Ernest Hemingway; and though it is a period film, Nearing says that

his film will be “period-less,” shot in undisguised contemporary

Chicago locations.

The recently completed film, which even has its own

Wikipedia page that you can check out (HERE) is set to hit the film festival circuit next

year, and hopefully will soon open in a theater near your area.

Nearing also wants everyone to regularly check out the

website for the film, since it will be constantly updated with updates, as well as new versions of the trailer (HERE).