WATCH: White Savior Films 'Green Book' And 'Hidden Figures' Get Skewered In A Double Dose Of Late Night Satire On 'Desus & Mero' And 'Seth Meyers'
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WATCH: White Savior Films 'Green Book' And 'Hidden Figures' Get Skewered In A Double Dose Of Late Night Satire On 'Desus & Mero' And 'Seth Meyers'

It was a night of racial commentary thanks to these two sketches from last night's Showtime premiere of Desus & Mero and the latest episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers. Both sketches show just how asinine race films have to be to entertain white audiences.

The first sketch from the Bodega Boys is a trailer detailing what a hypothetical sequel to Green Book could be. Called Greenest Book, it features Desus Nice as Dr. Don Shirley and The Kid Mero as Tony Lip. As many critics have said of the film, the trailer satire pokes fun at how Green Book makes racism comfortable for white viewers.

The second one, a satirical trailer for a film called White Savior, features Amber Ruffin in a role similar to Taraji P. Henson's role as Katherine Johnson in Hidden Figures. But Ruffin broadens the character to become the archetypal Black female role in tons of films about racism, such as The Help and  Meyers plays the archetypal White Savior role in these films, the one who has to explain racism to everyone, including the Black person facing the racist attacks, and pretends to solve racism by catering only to the Black person they've deemed acceptable.

Both of these trailer spoofs are taking late night TV to a new level, since it's only been in recent times that we've seen late night get intensely political and socially-conscious. By injecting real world issues regarding race into their comedy, these two late night shows are advancing the conversation about racial acceptance and making people think twice about how they view racism and discrimination.


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