Watch Hannibal Buress' Rejected Comedy Reality Show Pilot 'Unemployable'
Photo Credit: S & A

Watch Hannibal Buress' Rejected Comedy Reality Show Pilot 'Unemployable'


Comedian Hannibal Buress is hot stuff right now. He’s a favorite on Comedy Central with his summer comedy series "Why?" and also as a regular on the network’s "Broad City." He also appears on other TV shows on Adult Swim and FX.

But did you know Buress previously made a pilot for a comedy reality series called "Unemployable", which follows him as he tries out different type of jobs for which, of course, he’s completely unsuitable for? Like working on a goat farm, and as a cook in a diner..

The pilot was made independently and pitched to Comedy Central as a possible series, but was rejected by the network. Actually it’s hard to understand why. Judging from the pilot, there’s some real potential there, and it has some genuinely laugh out loud moments, all done in the Chicago’s native patented laid back, cynical point of view, slyly mocking the situation he finds himself in.

Interestingly, Buress was either told by the network that the pilot would go to series, or he convinced himself that it was a lock that it would, because he actually tweeted that the network had picked up the show for a full season which didn’t happen.

However someone – either Buress himself or someone connected with the show – posted the pilot for "Unemployable" online yesterday, for everyone to see what Comedy Central passed up on, perhaps in the hopes that the network would either change its mind, or that another network would pick up the show. But I think it could have been a winner.

Take a look and tell us what you think: