Watch Isaiah Mustafa's "Luke Cage" Promo Video
Photo Credit: S & A

Watch Isaiah Mustafa's "Luke Cage" Promo Video

Several folks sent this to me today, so thanks to everyone that did!

The Man You Wish Your Man Could Smell Like, aka Isaiah Mustafa, has stepped up his campaign for the opportunity to play Luke Cage on the big screen. As we already told you, Mustafa (forever-to-be-known as “The Old Spice Guy“) had been “auditioning” for the chance to play Luke Cage in a film adaptation of the character for some time now – since last summer.

He hasn’t been cast (to the delight of many; although there were, and still are a lot of folks rooting for him), and Marvel Studios hasn’t really said anything about the possibility, or if it even exists.

Mustafa is apparently now really pushing his way onto the short list of actors to play the part, with the release of the below self-promo video. Watch it below and tell me if you think he has what it takes (I’m not feeling it; but I can’t knock the brotha’s hustle):