Watch & Learn How Chiwetel Ejiofor Transformed Into Solomon Northup In '12 Years A Slave'
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Watch & Learn How Chiwetel Ejiofor Transformed Into Solomon Northup In '12 Years A Slave'


I hope you’re not yet feeling overwhelmed with 12 Years A Slave posts, because as the film’s theatrical debut date approaches, a week from tomorrow, you should expect even more posts, as marketing for the film, by its distributor, Fox Searchlight, will likely intensify.

Here’s a new featurette titled “Chiwetel Ejiofor Becomes Solomon Northup,” which, as the title suggests, highlights the actor’s transformation into the character he plays – a character whose story the film tells, and who is in practically almost every scene.

Fox Searchlight will open 12 Years A Slave theatrically on October 18, in a limited roll-out and will then expand nationwide in successive weeks. 

Steve McQueen’s drama boasts an impressive cast of actors, including: Chiwetel Ejiofor (as Solomon Northup), Michael FassbenderLupita Nyong’oPaul DanoBenedict CumberbatchRuth Negga, Adepero OduyeAlfre WoodardScoot McNairyGarret DillahuntBrad PittMichael K. WilliamsPaul GiamattiSarah Paulson and others. 

For our past coverage on the film, read Frances Bodomo’s review HERE; Jai interviewed Lupita Nyong’o HERE and Alfre Woodard HERE; I interviewed Steve McQueen HERE; and most recently, Vanessa interviewed Kelsey Scott (who plays Northop’s wife) HERE.

Watch the new featurette below, which includes footage probably not seen before:

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