Watch New Dramatic Web Series 'Life of Hers' - On Lives & Friendships of 4 Black Women Living in London
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Watch New Dramatic Web Series 'Life of Hers' - On Lives & Friendships of 4 Black Women Living in London

nullThe subject matter reads typical, especially when it comes to web series – essentially, the lives and loves of 4 young black women – although this one takes place in London, and, unlike many of the web series I receive email announcements for weekly, this one is actually fairly well-made, in terms of production values – the technicals.

I could be critical about other things, but I’m a year older and all *zen* now, and I think there’s an audience Stateside for this, so check it out to find out if you’re a member of that audience. 

Details follow:

Cardy Films have released their brand new and highly anticipated drama series “Life of Hers”, written by Samantha Chioma, directed by Ola Masha and Olan Collardy. The series, which reflects the lives and friendships of four women living in London is an exploration of the complexities of life as a young woman of the African diaspora and some of the unique conflicts that can arise between inherited traditions and assimilated new cultures. 

The entire first season is available to watch on the Cardy Films Youtube channel ( – A total of five episodes, all beautifully captured and filled with themes every viewer will be able to relate to.

“The series is similar to the lives of many of us now in London who have parents from different places in Africa” says writer Samantha Chioma. “It looks at the complexities of the culture clash and being a Londoner.”

Produced by Waïki Harnais and starring some of the UK’s most promising young black British actors, Life of Hers has already generated a strong interest from webseries lovers around the world, with viewers describing it as “something refreshing”, “a narrative black women can relate to”…

“This is a series that is unapologetically written for women and by a woman writer” explains series director Ola Masha. “When it comes to having prominent black women in the media, we’ve had one or two answers but still written from a man’s perspective, with women doing what men imagine them to do. With Life of Hers, you get an insight into what women get up to, how they really think, what inspires them…”

Watch episode 1 below, and if you’re motivated to watch the rest of the season, go here:

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