Watch Preview of "Santeria" Doc 'Let the Spirit Move You' (Now Funding)
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Watch Preview of "Santeria" Doc 'Let the Spirit Move You' (Now Funding)

nullNow funding via Kickstarter is the documentary Let the Spirit Move You, directed by Dr. Marta Moreno Vega. The Puerto Rican project documents “on the Evolution of Spiritists’ Traditions in Puerto Rico.” Not exclusive to Puerto Rico, this “Spiritism” doctrine, better known as “Santeria”, is practiced in several Caribbean countries and in the U.S. A close relative to Voodoo, Santeria has its roots in African customs, which were brought to the islands via the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

It’s interesting to note that “Santeria” is more common than one may think. I am particularly intrigued in the development of this project; I’ve known acquaintances who have had – or claim to – mysterious and/or quite unbelievable – supernatural – experiences with the religion, mostly instances in which they were subject of curses or “spells”, along with physical evidence of rituals.

Here’s more about the project:

Let the Spirit Move You is a celebration of ancestral belief systems that are a proud and important part of our cultural legacy as African descendants. The documentary focuses on the African based spiritual traditions that continue in Puerto Rico grounded in ancestral worship – espiristmo. Because of misinformation and preconceptions, to date there is little information on the sacred African traditions that are part of the cultural life of Puerto Rico. These traditions have generally been practiced out of public view and now with the advent of Evangelical types of religions labeling these traditions as “devil worship” many practitioners out of fear are going further underground or giving up these important historical ancestral traditions.

Take a look at the short film trailer in which the feature documentary is based on and the campaign trailer underneath below. For more information and contribution information, click HERE.

Let the Spirit Move You–Trailer from CCCADI on Vimeo.

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