Watch Short Film About Murder Victim At Notorious Rolling Stones Concert
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Watch Short Film About Murder Victim At Notorious Rolling Stones Concert


One of the most notorious rock concerts ever was the Rolling Stones concert at Altamont, California in 1969. It was supposed to be the West Coast answer to the Woodstock festival, which took place a few months earlier in New York.

Unfortunately Altamont became famous for something quite the opposite.

It was someone's brilliant idea to have the infamous criminal biker gang, the Hell’s Angels, provide security for the event, which, in effect, meant there was NO security at all, and instead rampant crime and thuggery.

It sadly ended up with someone in the audience beaten and stabbed to death by a member of the Angels gang, who was later acquitted. 

The concert became the subject of one of the most famous rock music documentaries ever made, 1971’s Gimme Shelter by David and Albert Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin, who thought they were going to make another concert film like Warner Bros Woodstock concert film, but wound up with something else instead (Trivia note: George Lucas was one of cameramen on the film, but his camera jammed during the concert).

But little, if anything at all, has been said or written about the murder victim, a young 18 year old black man, Meredith Miller. Not even the Maylses film examines who he was, except to show footage of him getting killed.

Today he is still unknown, buried in an unmarked grave, lost to faded memory.

So, in a small way, to acknowledge him as a human being who had a life and a family, back in 2006, filmmaker Sam Green, made a 10-minute short film about Miller, titled Lot 63, Grave C.

Please take a look. It’s very well worth it:

Special h/t to Ken Wyatt

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