Watch Spike Lee's Next Feature Film Joint - No, It's Not 'Chi-raq'
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Watch Spike Lee's Next Feature Film Joint - No, It's Not 'Chi-raq'

NBA 2K16 Livin' Da Dream: A Spike Lee Joint Full MovieAn extension of the "MyCareer" mode from the popular video game "NBA 2K16," the next Spike Lee joint isn’t his much-anticipated "Chi-raq," but "Livin’ Da Dream," a feature-length film made entirely from the motion-captured performances in a narrative that’s featured throughout the game, telling the story of hoops phenom, Frequency Vibrations ("Freq" for short), as he rises from Harlem, to the University of Kansas, and finally to NBA superstar.

So what we essentially have here is the entire video game’s "in-game" story, directed by Spike Lee, collected into a single 111-minute movie, with a complete narrative, released for free online by the game’s manufacturer (Take Two Interactive), which, we could say, serves as another form of marketing for the video game. That said, this looks like it could’ve been taxing, painstaking work to put together, given that the film runs almost two hours.

“The biggest challenge is that ’2K’ is shot in motion control, which means that actors aren’t wearing costumes — they’re wearing a suit,” Spike told MTV News at the release party for the game earlier this week. “There’s no background. All the stuff is put in post-production, so they try to visualize the way it’s gonna look.”

He also said that he and his cast and crew rehearsed for a week and just went with it, filming for 12 days.

Featuring motion-captured performances from Anya Engel-Adams, Michelle Mitchenor, and Sarunas J. Jackson (who also appears in Spike Lee’s next live-action feature, "Chi-raq"), watch "Livin’ Da Dream" in full below:

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