Watch: StereoTypes Paris - French African vs. African American?
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Watch: StereoTypes Paris - French African vs. African American?

nullWhat I found most interesting about this video is that the black people he talks to seem to be the most oblivious or tentative, seemingly denying that there’s any racism in France; and it’s not until he talks to a few white people, about halfway through the piece, that we really start to get into the hard truths about the country’s historically-based problems with regards to race, as most of them in the latter half of the video admit, very readily, that, yes, there most certainly is a problem in France.

Unless the host (Ryan Hall) spoke to a lot more people, but that footage was left on the cutting room floor.

But check it out and see if you agree with my observation.

In consideration of my piece on the novel The Black Count yesterday, and how his history was buried for some 200 years, and how challenging it was for the author of the novel to unearth that history, facing resistance from the French, this seemed like a nice addendum…

I encourage you to check out the rest of the StereoTypes short video series via Pharrell’s I Am Other YouTube Channel HERE. In the series, Ryan Hall primarily takes a closer look at how people are “stereotyped,” as he travels the world (h/t New Black Man):

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