Watch 'The Karate Kid' Tanzania-Style
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Watch 'The Karate Kid' Tanzania-Style

nullSome time ago, I shared a Kenyan martial arts series titled "Simiyu Samurai," which tells the story of a Kenyan man, named Simiyu, trained in the martial arts in Japan, who is forced to return to Kenya, after Japan suffers a terrible tsunami, when he comes in direct conflict with a group of thugs who control the local market, and where his martial arts skills are put to use.

Today, I’ve been alerted to a martial arts flick from Tanzania, which is apparently inspired by "The Karate Kid." It comes from our friends at Afrikan Martial Arts

Their summary of the film reads: "Throughout the continent of Afrika, the "Karate Kid" theme is popular. Here are highlights I put together from another kung-fu flick… this time from Tanzania! THIS one is the best I’ve seen thus far, as far as choreography, story and technique. One teacher (dressed in blue) speaks Swahili like he’s an old Chinese Tai Chi master, though. O_o"

It’s not as good as "Simiyu Samurai," but, as Afrikan Martial Arts says in the above quote, it is one of the better attempts that I’ve seen so far. Although it’s not exactly often that I come across martial arts films (a genre I love) from filmmakers across continental Africa in general, and definitely not from Tanzania.

Note that this isn’t the entire film; it’s more of a highlight reel containing pieces from the full film (which I unfortunately can’t find online):

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