Watch This Hilarious Promo for British TV Channel Film4's Upcoming 'Beverly Hills Cop' Marathon
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Watch This Hilarious Promo for British TV Channel Film4's Upcoming 'Beverly Hills Cop' Marathon

nullA Monday diversion that made me laugh, and I think you (at least some), will find it funny as well.

In brief, it’s a promo for British TV network Film4’s broadcast of the "Beverly Hills Cop" trilogy, which kicks off this Wednesday, June 17th through Friday the 19th.

I’ll say no more… other than to thank our friends at Twitch Film for uncovering it.

Maybe I should also take this time to mention that Paramount has taken “Beverly Hills Cop 4” off its release schedule, BUT, it doesn’t mean that the project is dead. At least, not yet…

Plans for a "Beverly Hills Cop" TV series failed after CBS passed on the idea 2 years ago, despite word that the pilot tested so well that it caused Paramount to put another "Beverly Hills Cop" movie into development.

News of a 4th film was first confirmed in July of 2013 when it was announced that Murphy would reprise his role as Axel Foley. And a year later, in 2014, Paramount Pictures, in a 3-year deal the studio signed with super producer Jerry Bruckheimer, set a March 25, 2016 release date for the 4th film, which I thought was an odd date to release it. I would’ve pegged it for a summer debut, not a late-winter/early-spring release. But I’m sure Paramount had its reasons.

That date was then pushed back, as the star of the film, Eddie Murphy, shared in an interview with Playboy published on February 10th of this year, in which he said: "I don’t think it’s gonna happen in March, but it is gonna be in Detroit. And before it happens, they’ve got to get that script right. That movie has to be right. The third ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ was garbage. Those movies, when I travel overseas, people say [in a foreign accent] “Hey, Beverly Hills Cop! Axel Foley!” They call me that shit. All the movies I’ve done, and they call me that. If we do that movie, it has to be right. Not just thrown together to get a big check. I don’t need anymore of those."

Yeah Eddie, neither do we! That said, I’m glad he recognizes the awfulness that was "Beverly Hills Cop 3," easily the worst film in the franchise – one that started out strong, but got successively worse, grossing over $735 million worldwide, with the first film nominated for a Best Original Screenplay Oscar in 1985. It was also Murphy’s first full-fledged starring vehicle.

Alright, here’s the Film4 promo, as promised:

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