Watch Trailer For Short Film "Abidjan"
Photo Credit: S & A

Watch Trailer For Short Film "Abidjan"

Last week, Tambay previewed director Alexander Etseyatse‘s boxing drama Mikel’s Faith which screened at the Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival this week. Well, Etseyatse’s previous award-winning short film Abidjan has been on the festival circuit since last year and is now available to view on

The film, which screened at this year’s Pan African Film Festival and Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival among others, is about a young soccer player from Brooklyn who learns valuable lessons about life and soccer when he goes to Ivory Coast, his mother’s homeland, for summer vacation.

It stars Paul Arthur, Liris Crosse and Christian Gomis. Below is the trailer and you can view the whole film at Amazon.

Abidjan – Trailer from AN AE FILM on Vimeo.