Watch Trailer for Short Film about Love and Mental Illness, ‘About That’
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Watch Trailer for Short Film about Love and Mental Illness, ‘About That’

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the synopsis for his latest short film, "About That,"  L.A.-based actor/filmmaker Damien D. Smith describes

his film this way: “Summer (played by Crystal Cotton) and Jonathan (played by Smith himself) are

in love, but love isn’t enough for some people. Their relationship can only be

described as pure bliss. Unfortunately, the world is uncomfortable with the

pair and a series of events start to hint at Jonathan’s mental stability."

But that does

not tell the whole story, and I don’t want to give anything away, but “About That”

is more than just a love story. It is also a troubling but poignant

film about the toll that mental illness can take, not only on an individual, but also on their friends and family.

At the core

of the film is a love story which is important to Smith, or, as he says, “love is

universal and it has no limits are boundaries. So whatever perceptions or preconceived

notions someone may have about a personal relationship should take more time to

be understanding and accepting."


loves a love story, but mental illness is an issue which the black community still

has trouble coming to grips with. Most of it, I believe, stems from the stigma of weakness – that we are a mentally tough people who have

endured centuries of abuse and trauma, and are still standing strong. But the reality

is that, there are millions of black people who have, and do suffer from it, and

most of them are not getting treatment for their condition. Smith,

himself says that he feels, “that it’s still taboo for a certain demographic of

people to seek out professional mental help for fear of a stigma; moreover, the

negative connotation that African Americans associate with mental health, and the

forms of getting help for it. Finally

how society treats people they presume may need mental help. I believe the

artist’s responsibility is to help those who are in need, and our main tool in

doing so is to create art that reflects, motivates, and challenges the world

around us."


filmmaker himself has an extensive resume as an stage and film actor in New York

and Los Angeles, and will soon appear on an episode of the TV One sit-com “Born Again


"About That" is currently touring the film festival circuit, so keep an eye out for it.

Here is the

brief trailer for the film:

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