WATCH: Travis Coles Recounts Mx. Elijah's Iconic 'David Makes Man' Scene On 'Rewind The Scene'
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WATCH: Travis Coles Recounts Mx. Elijah's Iconic 'David Makes Man' Scene On 'Rewind The Scene'

David Makes Man star Travis Coles sat down with Shadow And Act to kick off our new video series, Rewind The Scene. In this first installment, Coles talks about the scene in the pilot episode in which we see the interaction between David (Akili McDowell) and his non-binary neighbor and caretaker, the iconic character Mx. Elijah.

Coles talked about several of the Easter eggs in the scene, such as props that fleshed out Mx. Elijah’s character for the audience. Also mentioned was how one of the elements of the scene, when David knocks over Mx. Elijah’s books, wasn’t scripted.

“I remember that was not planned but it was great. I love when things like that happen in the moment in scenes, where it’s spontaneous, but it serves the scene and it serves the overall story,” said Coles. “[T]hat moment, that little…surprise moment was also a spontaneous moment they ended up using and I think those moments on set are so incredible because you get to live in this world and have your own opinions about what’s on the page and it shows a different part of the character that we don’t see.”

Watch the full video below.


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