WATCH: What If Raven Baxter Was In 'Get Out'? This Hilarious, Spot-On Video Will Make Your Day
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WATCH: What If Raven Baxter Was In 'Get Out'? This Hilarious, Spot-On Video Will Make Your Day

Have you ever thought what it would be like if the iconic 2000s character, Raven Baxter (Raven-Symoné), was in Jordan Peele's game-changing horror film, Get Out. 

It's an unlikely combination, but it is one that is an absolute hoot in this recent viral video on Twitter. The impersonation is spot-on as Raven visits Chelsea's house and finds out things may not be as they seem.

The mastermind of the video is Jaylin Eaves, an LA-based actress and comedian. She came up with the video while working on an upcoming audition. "I've been working on my characters for an upcoming audition and I love Raven. She inspired me to act. I used to keep track of how many times I watched her show as a kid because I just loved it so much," she told Shadow And Act. "I could recite almost every word from any That's So Raven episode, so I knew I wanted to do an impression of her, and I just thought her in Get Out would be funny. I wrote the script in about 3 minutes and just went for it on my couch. It didn't get passed to submit for my audition, so I decided to post it."

Eaves said she didn't expect the response on Twitter and wasn't even going to post it to the social media platform at first. She told us, "Initially, I only posted it on Instagram because I'm not very active on Twitter, so it wasn't my first thought. But I wanted it on all my social media accounts, so I changed my mind and thankfully so. I posted it and went to work so I wasn't paying attention. I checked back later and my notifications were blowing up so fast. I had no idea this would happen. Everyone is so supportive of tagging Raven on the post too, so I"m hoping she sees it."

Eaves hopes to get involved with everything -- including sketches, touring, writing and directing, with hopes that she can make all of this a reality for her soon.



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