Weekend Box Office April 13-15: 'Rampage' Inches Out 'A Quiet Place'
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Weekend Box Office April 13-15: 'Rampage' Inches Out 'A Quiet Place'

Well, it wasn’t supposed to work out this way. It was assumed that the new Dwayne Johnson film, Rampage, would be the big winner this weekend by a mile. It even beat last week’s No. 1 film, A Quiet Place on Friday night, but only by a million. But in the end, it just barely beat out A Quiet Place by less than $2 million. Rampage grossed $34.5 million much less than expected to Quiet Place‘s $34.6 million.

What happened? There were several factors. First of all, Rampage just looked like another King Kong/Godzilla-type movie which we’ve seen before. On top of that, the film ends with a dramatic, climactic massive destruction of a city in a movie, which presumably hundreds of thousands of people getting killed. How many times has that been seen in recent films? And for the fourth time, by my count, it was Chicago getting destroyed. How about Houston, Atlanta or even Los Angeles for a change? Why is it always Chicago? Considering how many times it’s been laid to waste in other films either there should be nothing left to destroy or else they sure rebuild things really fast here.

Then there’s Dwayne Johnson. Is he overexposed now? Audiences just saw him in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and he has the action disaster film Skyscraper coming out this summer. Furthermore, he has, believes it or not, another 12 movies that he’s currently attached to. And that’s not to mention his HBO series Ballers. When does he find the time to sleep? It’s very possible that audiences felt that they have had enough Dwayne Johnson for a while.

As for A Quiet Place, it is a bonafide smash hit for Paramount, which badly needed one for a long while. The film is right now just less than half a million short of reaching $100 million domestically, which it will be well past by next weekend. It looks could do another $100 million after all is said and done. On top of that, it has already grossed another $25.6 million overseas making the $17 million-film so far the most financially-successful film after Black Panther to date. Makes one wonder how well the film would have done if they just had some black people in it.

The Universal/Blumhouse horror film Truth or Dare came in third with $19 million, which makes the very low-budget, $3.5 million film already a success. Meanwhile, Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One continues to be a bigger hit overseas than it is domestically, with $360.2 million overseas compared to just $114 million here so far.

But the question is —  how is Tyler Perry’s Acrimony faring box office wise? The film has been dropping huge every week since it came out two weeks now in ninth place with about $37.9 million to date which puts in the range of the bottom half of his films such as The Family That Preys, Meet The Browns and Good Deeds. But considering the public claims that the film was shot in only 8 days would mean that he didn’t spend a lot of money on it meaning that Acrimony is a box office hit for him. Yet, film production sources are stating that the film cost $20 million to make. That’s hard to believe that $20 million was spent on a film shot in 8 days. Either the figure was grossly inflated to make it sound more prestigious than it really is, or if that’s really true then Acrimony is a flop since a film have to gross at least twice their production budget before the studio can even begin to break even.

As for Black Panther with $673 million to-date, it probably won’t beat Avatar for the second-biggest grossing film domestically, but it’ll solidify its status as the third-biggest for some time to come. Meanwhile, with $1.313 billion worldwide and still grossing money, it will definitely tale over Star Wars: The Last Jedi for the 9th biggest-grossing film worldwide ever in the next two weeks.

Full list:

1) Rampage WB (NL) $34,500,000

2) A Quiet Place Par. $32,600,000 Total: $99,635,885

3) Truth or Dare Uni. $19,080,000

4) Ready Player One WB $11,205,000 Total: $114,607,798

5) Blockers Uni. $10,295,000 Total: $36,927,670

6) Black Panther BV $5,342,000 Total: $673,797,522

7) Isle Of Dogs FoxS $5,000,000 Total: $18,450,864

8) I Can Only Imagine RAtt. $3,837,220 Total: $74,988,485

9) Tyler Perry’s Acrimony LGF $3,700,000 Total: $37,875,477

10) Chappaquiddick ENTMP $3,025,000 Total: $11,006,383

11) The Miracle Season Mirr/LD $2,135,000 Total: $6,963,836

12) Sherlock Gnomes Par. $2,100,000 Total: $36,923,487

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