Weekend B.O. April 17-19 (It's *Dem Damn Furriners*)
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Weekend B.O. April 17-19 (It's *Dem Damn Furriners*)

nullYou just

can’t stop "Furious 7." Not only was the film No 1 again at the b.o., as everyone

knew it would be, with $29 million, but, this past week, the film opened in China to

the largest single day movie opening ever in the country, grossing nearly $69 million

on the first day of release.

But if that isn’t

impressive enough, the film has already grossed over $1.152 billion dollars

worldwide in just 17 days, which is the fastest amount of time that any film

has ever grossed that amount of money, ever.

But it’s those damn furriners who are rocking F7 to

such heights. When you break down the b.o. total to date, F7 has grossed $294.4

million domestically, which is pretty fantastic. But overseas the film has

grossed a staggering $838.3 million and it’s now the seventh biggest grossing

film ever.

I can’t

explain it, but they’re going bat shit crazy in dem furrin countries over F7 (pardon

my French). Maybe there’s someone out there who can. Some Frenchman


But one

other thing that hasn’t been mentioned (until now is that is) is that "Furious 7" has also become the biggest grossing film ever directed by an Asian (or more

accurately Asian–American) director, in James Wan. The previous record was held

by Justin Lin with "Fast and Furious 6," which grossed $789 million (which, of course, brings up the question I’m

just compelled to ask – when will a

black director make that list? I can hear it already: "Why do you always keep bringing up race?" Because it is my nature. Now shut up and sit down).

The No. 2 film this weekend should not have been a surprise either. I’m referring to "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2," which did pretty well, considering it was released

practically under the radar, and wasn’t screened in advance to the media (though

that’s not surprising). But the first "Blart" movie, believe or not, changed Hollywood’s movie releasing strategy in a major way.

When the

first "Paul Blart" film opened in January 2009, it was the third highest opening

for any film in January after "Cloverfield" in 2008, with $40 million, and "Star

Wars: The Special Edition," with $34 million, way back in 1997.

Most people didn’t

take notice of those two films because they were both heavily-promoted fanboy

movies, and you know them. They’ll rush out of their basement rooms to see

anything. But "Paul Blart" was a very modestly budgeted B-movie comedy, with a B-list sit-com star, and it did huge business, grossing nearly $150 million.

This was

proof to Hollywood marketing people that a lot of people will go see

anything in dead-of-winter January, not just the fanboys. And also this meant

that January would stop becoming the dumping ground for bad films that the studios

had no faith in, which had been the case for many years. In fact, "Blart" has now slipped

from 3rd to 9th for all time January b.o. openings.

This time

around "Blart 2" opened with $24 million, not that far apart from F7, and though it

won’t equal the final b.o. take of the first one, it should still do well for



Universal must be even happier with their third place result for their indie horror film pick-up, "Unfriended," which cost only a $1 million to make, and with the $16

million the film made this weekend, it’s already a huge success for the studio.

However, one

big loser was Summit/Lionsagte’s period suspense thriller, set in the old Communist

Russia, "Child 44," with Tom Hardy (soon to be seen next month as Mad Max in "Fury

Road"). Yet another film that was not screened to the media beforehand (though

the reviews so far haven’t been entirely awful), the film only grossed $600,000

in a limited release, playing on 510 screens. "Fury Road" can’t come fast enough for


1) Furious 7  Uni.  $29,056,000  Total: $294,410,000 

2) Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2  Sony  $24,000,000 

3) Unfriended  Uni.  $16,023,000 

4) Home   Fox  $10,300,000  Total: $142,609,000 

5) The Longest Ride  Fox  $6,850,000  Total: $23,511,000 

6) Get Hard  WB  $4,830,000  Total: $78,279,000 

7) Monkey Kingdom  BV  $4,715,000 

8) Woman in Gold  Wein.  $4,587,000  Total: $15,943,000 

9) The Divergent Series: Insurgent  LG/S  $4,150,000  Total: $120,605,000 

10) Cinderella  BV  $3,871,000  Total: $186,324,000 

11) True Story  FoxS  $1,930,000 

12) While We’re Young  A24  $1,584,000  Total: $4,152,000

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